Thursday, November 10, 2016

Return of the Shenanigans

Hello shenanigan lovers!

Obviously my foray into blog writing lasted all of two posts. Whoops. Maybe I'll try again and see what happens? No follow through, not surprised it's what all my basketball coaches said...wait a second, I never played basketball - that's probably why!!

There are so many new things happening right now that are awfully exciting...

Boston SWEPT at Nationals this year, that's kinda cool...
now it's the Midwest's turn...right? Right.

My team did pretty well for themselves this year, we only had ONE bid to Regionals out of our section...yep you heard right. ONE. That meant there was one game to go. All of the teams around us are playing tournament style to get a bid to Regionals and we had to warm up and play one game, and then we were done. Game to go was against a team we had never in the history of being a team beaten before...go figure.

But what do we do? Get. It. Done. Wasn't an easy game, but the D line did work!!
Felt a bit like I didn't do much to help, but when O line had to go on - we did our job with ruthless intensity and finished the deal. However cheering for your team from the sideline is one of the greatest things you can do for a team...I know that I derive a lot of motivation and adrenaline from the sideline.

You should check out this great article by Ultiworld about being on the sideline.

Sideline Chatter

When coaching the boys team, I had a player break a bone and have to spend the rest of the season on the sideline; watching, cheering and coaching. I found that when he returned he had gained a lot of knowledge just by watching from the sideline and he had improved as a player dramatically. Don't think of sideline as "the bench" because it's definitely not. You are an important part of the team, in whatever role you are filling at that particular moment. You can't be on the field ALL the time, everyone takes a turn on the sidelines being that necessary voice in their teammates ear.

So find out how your teammates respond to feedback and how they would like that feedback or vocal direction can help improve your game by having someone else be an extra set of eyes for you! Just don't overload another teammate...TOO MANY people talking to one person can have the opposite effect that you intended!


Went to Maine for Clambake a few weekends ago, sadly Maine decided that it didn't want us to play ultimate and rained us out...rude. So we had an extended vacation visiting some awesome coastal towns and lighthouses and camping in Acadia National Park. (Don't recommend for the weather at this time of year, but recommend for the lack of tourists!)

Top of Cadillac Mountain to be the first people to see the sun rise in the United States
My roommate and I have some new adventures planned so just keep a weather eye out and hopefully I will continue to update this, and not be a loser!!

Peace and blessings,
....peace and blessings.